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It was an honor and pleasure to be able to meet Lisa and Simon Thomas!  Their kindness and respect for you as an individual and people of all cultures were inspiring. They are devoted teammates as husband and wife, encouraging and helping each other on their journey through some very serious hardships along the way.  The stories they tell of the people who have the least, but who have given and helped the most during traumatic times will soften the hardest heart.  It renews your faith in humanity, and inspires you to look outside of the “concrete jungle” and admire God’s beautiful creation.  Simon achieves this with his amazing photography and artistic skills.  Lisa has a very colorful background as a classical music violinist, fitness instructor, and business owner.  She tears down walls of oppression for women with a caring and loving heart, with whom everyone she meets on their ride around the world.  I wish them well and wherever they go next I know they will succeed!

Be sure to visit Lisa and Simon’s website  They have wonderful information on adventure motorcycling, updates of their journey and any other upcoming presentations they have while here in the United States.  If you can, send a donation as there are no corporate sponsors “2 Ride the World,” and they ride for charity. 
“2 Ride the World”
Presentation held at BMW Motorcycles of Milwaukee
June 21, 2008
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