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Mondo Enduro DVD
It was the first recorded crossing of the Caucasus, Central Asia, Russia and Siberia making Mondo the first Europeans to reach Magadan post collapse of the Soviet Union.  The first attempt on the Zilov Gap (a name coined by the Mondo Team).  The full length of the American and African continents subsequent to the USSR making for a very long trip in 440 days.  Unprecedented use of small (350cc) dirt-bikes for a 40,000 mile journey Unsponsored and unsupported.  All team members quite definitely 'members of the public' with no expedition experience.  Filmed on the brand new broadcast quality Hi8 format allowing a viable TV documentary to be made.  However, super 8 heavily used which was relatively unusual.  Ultra detailed diaries were recorded, a truly unique resource.  Almost the last of the big trips that pre-dated mobile phones and the internet making for a quaint, almost 1970s level of technical support.
It was a great honor to have met and hear expirences of Austin Vince's travels, direct from one of the adventurers of Mondo Enduro.
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