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"The Great Rides of Colorado"
The Centennial State is among the premiere motorcycling destinations in the country. Colorado has the highest mean elevation of any state, with more than 1,000 peaks over 10,000 ft high and 54 above 14,000 ft. From amazing one day rides right outside the capitol city of Denver, to high alpine exposures or tangerine sandstone canyons, there is enough diversity to satisfy any motorcycling enthusiast.

Folds to 4.25" x 9"
Waterproof / Tear resistant
Roads detailed in easy to read highlighted segments
Design your ride in minutes
Expanded views of G1 rides
Detailed riding information on back of map
Grand Mesa Scenic Byway
Rising nearly 5,000 feet above the surrounding river valleys, Grand Mesa is the largest elevated, flat-top land structure in the world. The road that transports you to the top is defined by steep and steady climbs, from sandstone canyons and farmland to alpine lakes. Be prepared for significant temperature changes and gorgeous vistas of Western Colorado. Use Highway 65 from the northwest or the De Beque cutoff road (Road 45 ) for excellent additions to this must-do Colorado ride.

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